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Mortgages – We explain mortgages and compare interest rates

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The mortgage loan is by far the largest part of a mortgage loan. If you are buying a house or apartment that has received a good valuation, it can be so good that you get a mortgage that covers 85% of the total loan amount. It is a great advantage to get a mortgage loan that covers large parts of the loan as this is a loan that has collateral

Mortgages – Loans with collateral

Mortgages - Loans with collateral

The fact that the mortgage is a secured loan means that you, as a borrower, offer the lender something that they can demand as payment if you are unable to repay the loan you are going to. When you buy a house, apartment or other accommodation, it is almost always the accommodation that is the security of the loan.

Since the bank can feel confident that they will always get back the money they have lent out, they can also set a lower interest rate on a loan with collateral. Therefore, you will be happy the greater part of the mortgage loan, which is a mortgage loan when it is clearly cheaper. The disadvantage is, as I said, that they can demand collateral as payment for the loan. Which in principle can mean that you become homeless if the repayments are not handled properly.

How a mortgage loan is divided

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A mortgage loan can be divided into several different parts that have different bonding times. This is something that you must consider when taking out your mortgage. If you think it is advantageous to have a certain type of, you should invest in that particular type. For example, the loan may be split up so that two-thirds have their own bonding time compared to the last third. In general, it can be said that historically it has been cheaper with variable interest rates. However, you must then have an economy that can cope with changes in the business cycle in a good way. If you do not have such a strong economy, the security of a bond loan can be good even if the total cost is higher.

Amortization time on a mortgage loan

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A mortgage loan is a loan you can have for a very long time if you wish. The less the cost per month, the longer you have the loan. A mortgage loan can often be up to 50 years. Here, of course, it plays into how old the applicant is. Then if you suddenly get better financially, you can of course when you want to repay your mortgage. However, if you have tied up the loan for a number of years you will have to pay something called interest rate compensation. It is only if you have a floating loan that you can repay at no extra cost.